Powerslaves – 100% Rock N Roll 2012 || Full Album Download Available Indonesia Punk Rock Genre

Studio album by :Powerslaves
Genre : Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label: Kereta Rock N Roll
With the theme of Love and Nationalism, The band then released their 7th album entitled 100% Rock N Roll.
12 songs in this album is a summary of the material they are made ​​in 2008 and 2011.
100% album Rock N Roll is also a form of totality Power Slaves in the cultivation of an album and will be again raised ferocity Power Slaves names in the country music scene is getting monotonous.
Music Tracklist:
► Slavers Indonesia
► Kutunggu
► 100% Rock N Roll
► Cantik & Blues
► Song For The Lovers
► Empat Pilar Kebangsaan
► Masa Bahagia (New Version)
► Omm Mane Padme Omm
► I Love You Merah Putih
► To The Point
► Indonesia
► Nge-band

Musician Personnel:
♦Heydi Ibrahim (Vokal)
♦Acho Jibrani (Gitar)
♦Anwar Fatahillah (Bass)
♦Wiwiek Soedarno (Keyboard)
♦Ikmal Tobing(drummer)

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