Kobe – No Comment 2011 || Full Album Download Available Indonesia Rap Rock Genre

Studio album by :Kobe
Genre : Rap Rock, NU Metal
Label: Log Zhelebour
Kobe is a group of musical homage to metal derived from Sidoarjo , East JavA. Kobe name began to be known since being a finalist and winning and also The Best Perfomance in All Indonesian Rock Festival to X/2004 in Surabaya.
Music Tracklist:
► Jangan Takut
► Wanita Idaman
► Optimis
► Rock Makin Tinggi
► Masa Muda
► Kelas Kakap
► It’s Okey Bro !
► Posesif
► Having Fun
► No Comment

Musician Personnel:
♦Ceko (vocals)
♦Sanche (vocals)
♦Helmi ( guitar )
♦Pay (guitars)
♦Hidayat ( bass )
♦Idham (drums)
♦Fariz ( percussion )

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