Endank Soekamti – Angka 8 2012 || Full Album Download Available Indonesia Punk Rock Genre

Studio album by :Endank Soekamti
Genre : Punk Rock
Label: Euforia Records
Endank Soekamti is a music group ( band ) from Yogyakarta which consists of three person . This group uses many idioms of punk in music, though not carrying its ideology. The lyrics seem "at will", sometimes rude, and "eccentric", typical Yogyakarta humor. The band name is taken from the names of two women who have the impression in the lives of its personnel. The word "Endank Soekamti" may also be a pun on the idiom "delicious".
Music Tracklist:
► Intro
► Selamat Tahun Baru
► Aku Gak Pulang
► Bully
► Pengen Kawin
► Mix Couple
► Cita Cita
► Angka 8
► 3Gp
► Tanpa Kamu
► Mantan Jadi Teman
► Move On
► Juara
► Maling Kondang
► Lagi Males Kerja
► Kampung Halaman

Musician Personnel:
♦Ari ( drums )
♦Dori ( guitar )
♦Erik ( bass and vocals)

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