►►► God Bless - Semut Hitam (Full Album) 1988

"Semut Hitam" is the third album of the band God Bless which was released in 1988. The album was released with a long interval from the last album, titled "Cermin" (1980). Their return is incised remarkable achievement. The album exploded on the market and became the best-selling album in the history of God Bless. This success is partly thanks to the album title song of this album entitled Life directly managed kicked after being released. Successful single was followed by subsequent hits from this album is Our Home. The album managed to take back the name of God Bless to the height of popularity, as well as a motivator for many rock groups that emerged after successful then God Bless the time.
Genre : Rock , Classic Rock
►Achmad Albar : lead vocal ►Ian Antono : backing vocal, lead guitar ►Donny Fattah : backing vocal, bass guitar ►Teddy Sujaya : drum ►Jockie Surjoprajogo : keyboards

Song List:
♦Rumah Kita
♦Semut Hitam
♦Damai Yang Hilang
♦Orang Dalam Kaca
♦Ogut Suping
♦Suara Kita
♦Badut-Badut Jakarta
♦Bla... Bla... Bla...

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